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New Life Program

At Harvest Farm (Wellington, CO)

Denver Rescue Mission’s New Life Program at Harvest Farm gives men seeking to change their lives the opportunity to become productive, self-sufficient members of society. The New Life Program is a long-term program offered free of charge to all participants. The New Life Program consists of:

  • Bible study
  • Counseling
  • Education and life skills training
  • Work readiness
  • Case management
  • Accountability and encouragement

While in the New Life Program, many participants earn GEDs and go on to higher education. Some qualifying graduates receive vehicles. Progress in the program brings increased responsibility and freedom, the reward of graduation and a “new life!”

“I feel like the Farm has helped me build self-discipline. It allows me time to reflect on my life and still do something productive. So while I might be sitting there pruning plants, I’m actually becoming a better person.”
- Kevin

Goals of the Program

The main goals of the program are to see long-term change in the following areas:

  • Overcoming Destructive Habits
    Drug and alcohol abuse, poor financial decisions, unhealthy relationships and other destructive habits can cause anyone to think a “new life” is out of reach. Our goal is to see New Life Program participants transformed by overcoming destructive habits in their lives. By immersing themselves in the program, participants receive the help they need and experience victory over life-draining behaviors.
  • Maintaining Healthy Community
    In the New Life Program, participants learn to build and maintain healthy community relationships. These relationships encourage accountability and foster continued productive participation in society.
  • Maintaining Sustainable, Full-Time Employment Or Equivalent Income
    As a participant advances through the program and pursues financial goals set by himself and Mission staff, he will eventually obtain sustainable, full-time employment or equivalent income.
  • Providing For Sustainable Housing
    Finally, the ultimate goal of the New Life Program is to see each participant graduate and provide for their own sustainable housing needs. All the goals listed above contribute to this goal.

Program Qualifications

To join the New Life Program, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Free of sex offenses and arson convictions
  • Physically able to work
  • Willing to give up all nicotine products immediately
  • Open to the message of Christ
  • Willing to submit to random drug and alcohol testing
  • Serious about a life change

No cell phones allowed until completion of all classroom assignments

How to Get Started

  1. Review all the qualifications.
  2. Call the Harvest Farm Intake Chaplain at 970.568.9803 for a phone interview to determine eligibility.

Call 970.568.9803 to Get Started

Please Note:

  • You may also drop by Fort Collins Rescue Mission—316 Jefferson Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524—in person to inquire about entering the New Life Program.
  • You'll have room for a suitcase full of belongings (Computers are not allowed.)
  • You can also schedule a tour to learn more by calling 970.568.9803.

Steps to Success Program

At Fort Collins Rescue Mission (Fort Collins, CO)

The Steps to Success program is a another program offered by the Mission at Fort Collins Rescue Mission.

  • A 3-10 month, faith-based, transitional program for adult men and women
  • Free for participants
  • Accountability and encouragement through community support
  • Life-skills training in areas such as critical thinking, finances, work readiness, addiction and more
  • Opportunities for re-entry for people recently released from prison
“I felt God saying, ‘I’m pulling you out of this rut right now. We’re going to finish this. You’re coming back to me. It is time for all this to end.’”
- Pepper, Steps to Success Participant

Learn more about the Steps to Success Program at